Spiritual direction is for those who long for a deeper relationship with God or who are seeking meaning or purpose in life. In a welcoming and confidential environment, your spiritual director will guide you to recognize the presence and guidance of God. Listening carefully to your words, the director can help you discern what God may be saying in and through you. If you are at a crossroad in life, you may find insight in determining next steps. Sessions are scheduled regularly, typically once a month. The frequency will be determined by your needs at the time.



The Sacred Invitation offers a vision of vocation. This 12-month spirit-transforming curriculum is for those longing... to deepen their relationship with God... to respond to the Spirit's invitation to live out your sacred purpose... to be a part of a kindred community to nurture you in the process.


On the second Friday of each month, we offer a Quiet Day at Starrette Farm as a haven of silence where you can rest, based on the pattern of Jesus, who frequently withdrew to a quiet place to nourish his spirit.  Encounter God in community, yet alone, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the healing rhythm of sacred quiet. Many people like to bring a notebook for journaling. We do not provide a program on this quiet day, but reading material is available. Our goal is to provide a gentle, refreshing day so you can rest and enter silence… and hear from God.     



School of the Spirit is a one-year experience of spiritual formation in community, offering five 2-day retreats designed to equip, empower and nurture transformation through the ancient spiritual disciplines of Jesus and the early church. The focus of this structure is not on the latest fad but on centuries-old practices that will renew our encounter with Christ, grounded in the vitality of a committed community to hold each participant’s journey.