The Sacred Invitation offers a vision of vocation. This 12-month spirit-transforming curriculum is for those longing...

  • Do you long to deepen your relationship with God?

  • Do you hunger to respond to the Spirit's invitation to live out your sacred purpose?

  • Do you yearn to be a part of a kindred community to nurture you in the process?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, The Sacred Invitation is meant for you. The Sacred Invitation offers you the opportunity to seek a Spirit-led life as you discover those unique ways God is calling you to further his kingdom – no matter your setting. At the deepest level, this work frees participants to identify and follow their God-given passion and fulfill their highest purpose.

This twelve-month program includes five two-day retreats that are specifically designed for those who hunger for a wholistic approach to the inner work that deepens their life with God as it equips and empowers them to love, live, and lead from the center out — wherever God may call, increasingly manifesting the character and power of Christ.

What participants have said:

“The Sacred Invitation has introduced me to ways of deepening my spiritual journey. The readings are soul-filling, our times together are holy, the learning and sharing is prayerful and practical. I wish it never had to end!”

"I was under a cloud for about twelve years and the sun(Son) wasn’t shining into the deep places. The Sacred Invitation opened up the Heavens and THE LIGHT has been pouring in on a regular basis. So very gratefully to be apart of this extraordinary program!”

“I do not have words to express the great gift of this Sacred Invitation. So desperately needed. I thank God for His provision in providing such a sweet oasis in the chaos and busyness of daily life.”

Begins Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Inner Life of a Fruitful Disciple
A Walk in the Garden
Starrette Farm Retreat
Statesville, NC